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Weed Control


We have 20 years of contract spraying experience and are able to provide weed control services and solutions for a host of different areas, and not limited to the list below, so if you can't see your particular requirement listed, please give us a call to discuss and see if we can help! We have sprayers available in widths from 2m to 36m so any area can be catered for. All operators are fully qualified and NRoSO registered. Contact us


  • Industrial sites
  • Paddocks
  • Residential areas
  • Sports  fields (weed and feed)

  • Lawns and grounds large or small. (Weed, feed & disease treatments)





Agricultural spraying with Bateman RB26
Spraying weeds on Southend United FC pitch
Our range of sprayers
Spraying a public play area
Sprayers to suit any situation
Lawn and small area pedestrian sprayer
Weed control on formal lawn
Spraying paddocks with quad.
Trailed quad sprayer with 6m boom
Weed control on small paddock
Spraying with compact tractor
Weed control with quad
Ragwort control
Knapsack spraying
Vegetation control at Bairds Malt Ltd Witham
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